IRB Review

IRB Review: How to
Learn the basics of the IRB review and approval process.

Levels of IRB Review
Information on what requires IRB review.

Exempt Level of Review 
Examples of research that falls under exempt review.

Expedited Level of Review
Examples of research that falls under expedited review.

Full Board Level of Review
Examples of research that falls under full board review.


Forms and Templates
Protocol, consent and authorization forms and templates.

FWA and IRB Registration Numbers
Federalwide Assurances and IRB Registration Numbers applicable to studies conducted at USC.


More Information

American Indian & Alaskan Native Populations
Guidelines to conduct respectful and beneficial research in AI/AN communities.

IRB Submission Guidelines
Basic submission guidelines to facilitate protocol submissions.

Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR)
Guidelines for NHSR determinations.

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Anonymity
Guidance for researchers on privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity in human subjects research.

Recruitment Guidance
Guidance for recruitment letters/emails for human subjects identified from electronic health records.

Submit iStar – IRB Application
Learn more about the USC system for review of human participant research.

Urgent Review
Learn about which circumstances qualify for an urgent review.

Quick Links

Clarifications about the review process that are frequently misunderstood.